"Turks Heads" come in a variety of ages and skill sets.  And we like beginners of all ages so we can get them started the right way.  And we have a few extra props around we can loan you for a session -- and get you started in this fascinating activity!  (Please note: these are -- of course -- "show-off" photos.  But many of our members knew little or nothing before they started with us.  Maybe you're next to learn and take a few "show-off" photos yourself!!) 

(Click on a photo for a better look!)

The classic "Y" juggling pattern -- by four of our finest passers as seen by the Chester County Courthouse. I'd describe it, but it's a rather involved. Stop by and see it yourself!

Hey Janelle, okay if I take your uni for a quick spin around the gym?

Here's Jack ("one-thumb") McMichael showing how much better he is now juggling machetes than he used to be. Go Jack!

Every ball you add to a pattern makes it considerably harder: 3 to 4 to 5... Bill's got this 7-ball bit absolutely nailed.

Gabe is relatively new at juggling -- but you gotta admire his moxie! He pretty much bypassed working on three balls and went right to four.

This pattern is actually a lot easier than it looks: you just take a club from someone who has too many and pass a club to someone who doesn't have enough. How hard can that be?

Samantha demonstrating the lightness and freedom that playing with poi can bring.

Travis has mastered clubs and balls to a remarkable extent. His patterns are always smooth and seemingly effortless.

We're always pleased to have newcomers -- and especially kids. Connor has proven to be an excellent student with lots of potential.

A 3-ball Mills Mess is a considerable accomplishment. Christian's 4 balls is fluid and fun to watch.

Domenic's extensive training in body mechanics shows in the ease with which he manipulates his uni.

Alex has chosen the diabolo (or "Chinese yo-yo") as her prop of choice. The "cat's cradle" is only a small part of her trick repertoire.

Ah, a Saturday morning in the park! The weather was just too nice to spend the session in the gym, so we crossed the street to the Barclay Grounds.

The polish and ease-of-control that Russell brings to anything he juggles can be breathtaking. A simple club kick-up becomes something truly artistic.

Janelle and Lisa discuss the finer points of seat adjustment on a unicycle.

Rich's trick repertoire with multiple diabolos seems to be larger every time he shows up. (How does he do dat?)

David has one club going up and one club coming down while he executes an impeccable flourish with the third club. Impeccable style in one so young!

So who photographs the photographer? Answer: a better photographer. Here's a promo shot of me juggling clubs on a rola bola while wearing silly clothes.

Samantha about to unleash a boomerang. If there's four of us out practicing, it's most likely that Sam will make the first toss that returns completely to her. ("Throw like a girl"?? You kidding me??)

I think I asked Frank once if a 5-ball bounce pattern on your knees was easier or harder than one standing straight up. As I recall, his answer was "Yes."

Slow shutter speed plus sodium lighting plus juggler equals artsy effect.

Lisa just joined us this summer, and learned 3-ball juggling faster than almost anyone we've ever had in the club. (She's working on 3 clubs and 4 balls now...)

The 3 mid-air boxes in front of Ryan are held in place by... nothing at all. Other than his superb control. Cigar boxes are a difficult prop to master, so many folks don't bother trying. To Ryan, it's just one more part of an amazing repertoire.

"Flags" are an extreme form of poi swinging -- and when it's done well, it's gorgeous to watch!

Our usual practice location is the West Chester Friends School Gymnasium -- located at High and Marshall Streets in West Chester, PA (see "Contact" page for more details).  On special Saturday mornings, we re-locate to the "old" Chester County Courthouse in the very center of town. 

In addition, we occasionally have a unicycling session for an hour before our regular Saturday session.  And then afterwards we sometimes toss boomerangs at a local ball field.  Sound like your kind of fun?  Yup, thought so!